Dunn Wine Brokers goal is to discover unknown exquisite wines from the world and bring them to New Hampshire wine lover at reasonable prices. Every wine must be good enough to go into my private cellar before I consider it acceptable for my discriminating buyers.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. still feeling my way around. A little lost in the vastness of the technology but having fun (and probably driving whatever readers have hit this a little crazy) but who wants to read this anyway. tomorrow back to my wines. Castello Rivetto Reserva 04 Barolo (?) I may have to look that one up and revise after I get back from the cellar to start off with a great Becky pasta dish (famed chicken glop) that is fabulous. I’ll open the Barolo tomorrow at 7am for fine drinking at 8pm. Weird but it works. Barolo’s are a different animal but when treated properly unbelievable (King of wines/wine of Kings).

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