What I drank last night (again?)

We had a little party last night.  Started 07 Donum West Slope Pinot Noir with some pistachios and almonds.  What a fabulous American Pinot.  Much deeper than most (96 pts from the Dictator) with ripe dark fruit on the palate.  We moved on to a Ladera Sauv Blanc with pan fried shrimp in a homemade butter with  garlic, parsley, almonds and a few other magic ingredients on small olive/garlic toast rounds made by my friend Peter . the acidity of the SB with the sweetness of the buttered shrimp.  Perfect!.  Next up with dinner was a 99 Phelps Insignia and  a 96 Figeac St. Emillion Premier Grand Cru.  Both were excellent with the rib roasted and garlic baked potatoes.  The Insignia was a little funky but dense, dark, and brooding while the Figeac stole the show with it’s finesses and elegance.  12 years old and still with beautiful sweet fruit and a long glorious finish.  We marched  on (troopers all)  to a 96 Bouchard Aine Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru Burgundy with assorted cheeses.  Great body, strength, and elegance again showing the power balanced with  finesses of a fine French wine.  The cheeses brought out the best  in the Burgundy. We finished with a 97 Rosenblum Concento D’Oro dessert wine.  I don’t think Kent has made that wine since either 99 or 2001.  Paired with fresh blueberries and strawberries in a word sublime.   Fabulous finish to a fabulous night. Whoops! Did I forget to mention the 04 Duckhorn Estate Cab after all was finished? Yikes!

What I drank last night

Headed for the Chophouse on Hanover Street. Corkage is now available for $25. 00 per bottle.  Great place to bring that special bottle to pair with the great food, service, and atmosphere.  Brought a bottle of 97 Justin Isosceles which after 20-30 minutes opened up beautifully.  It was fat, dense, and had a little funk on the nose initially but that blew off and it was everything we’d hoped for.  We started  a Dumol Isobel 2010 Chard that went perfectly with the pork dish.   The Dumol was lush and had a long tropical fruit finish.  What a fabulous bottle of wine.  I had brought a Premier Cru Chablis but the Dumol was too tempting to pass up. Obviously I seem to gravitate to big wines and by big wines I mean wines that almost attack your palate with flavors and feelings on the palate.    We left a taste of the Isosceles for Brandon, Craig, and Tony to taste and brought the rest of the Dumol home.   Great night of fun and frolic!

What I drank tonight

bottles2/12/13  Dad’s Birthday! Started off with a nice Nardo 07 Brunello di Montalcino with the Minnestrone but disappointed the Sassacaia Guado al Tasso was not in stock.  Moved to a Cesare Amarone 07 with the Puttenesca and finished with an 05 Provenance Cab with the chocolate.  Of course there were 4-6 of us and the wines were well received.  Great company, food, and wine. good night all around.

Very cool.  hosting a 2000 Bordeaux tasting later this month.  Whoopee!