Wine Week NH

Busy week.

Monday Sasa wine dinner Bonta.  Fabulous food, wine and people.

Tuesday Sasa wine dinner Unums.  Ditto.

Wednesday Grand opening and vast tasting at Cava de Vino in Nashua. Excellent wines (14 varieties) and about 100 people.  Great turnout.  Great concept of in home wine tastings.  Let the experts at Cava de Vino come into your home and taste with you and your friends and teach you about wine.

Thursday Grand Finale!!!!  Easter Seals.  Bellman room and main room.  Lots of work but lots of fun.  I am very fortunate to have Tom and Joyce  Davis, John Sterling,  and Arte and Nance Kaufman to help me.  Without them I could never do this event. It’s good to such  great and knowledgeable friends.

Friday  note to self  wring out liver (extensively)

Upcoming Valentines Day Tasting Abbey Cellars Lincoln 4-6:30

2/14 Dinner at BYOB spot with 9 people (so far) wines will be spectacular That will definitely warrant a what I drank last night……

Please say a prayer for Tony Sasa’s wife Laura.  She is ill so Tony could not join us this year.