What I drank last night

Gone up north to ski for a few days with my buddies.  Dinner at a nice restaurant with a very shaky wine list.  Started with a glass of Sonoma Cutrer Chard and went with a Morgon 12 Clone.  Both light but the best they had. Went back to the room and decided to move to some Dunn wines. We started with an 07 Donum Estate West Slope (first 96 pt American Pinot from WS).  Rich, deep raspberries and plums with an incredibly long finish.  Paired well with a local aged cheddar.  Moved to the 08 West Slope.  Not quite as dense but still a remarkable bottle of wine.   Now we’re starting to roll so we go down to the bar (corkage) and bring an 05 and 06  Lone Canyon Ladera.  We are now in the world of big ripe monster American Cabs.  Both were dark dark purple with teeth-staining colors, dense tannins, and massive amounts of dark fruit.  Fabulous!  Unfortunately Ladera sold the vineyard to Bill Harlan (side by side) so in 08 they became Harlan Estate wines at $500.00 per bottle.  Great deal for $70.00.   Great day of skiing-Great day of wine!